As professional steel fabricators and repairers you can count on us

Gold Grade Steel Welding Fabrications provides a wide range of steel fabrication services

Our clients rely on our fabrication work to do extremely important jobs. It is used as structural foundations in buildings, solid transport vehicles and general household applications. Our quality is next to none providing reliable workmanship and strength to your project.

all round steelwork

handrail, baulstrade, steps, ramp, decking, handle, steel

We cover a wide range of steelwork design, manufacture and repairs. From structural steelwork, fencing, framework, vehicle modifications, deckings, gates and brackets, just to name a few, we can cater for most steel related demands. Our work is completed with quality workmanship to ensure all customers are satisfied with the final result.

Steel that is built to last

steps, garden feature, steelwork, galvanized, expanded metal, welding

 We use only the highest quality material to ensure that our products are of unparalleled quality. Along with highly regarded workmanship our projects are completed to the finest quality ensuring a long lasting product build with strength and designed to last. That makes Gold Grade Steel Welding Fabrications the obvious choice for your steelwork needs.

Specialised for you

generator bracket caravan, trailer, steel bracket, platform, caravan, camping,

Due to each project requiring a different aproach we will work together with you so that the design process is specialised to your needs and requirements. With friendly customer service we like to form a relationship with customers so you feel comfortable that your job is taken care of without any inconvenience.